Announcing . . . A strategic parntership with VMEdu

As an Authorized Training Partner with VMEdu (ATP) and a SCRUMstudy® Certified Trainer (SCT) Joe is offering Scrum workshops that include Scrum certification exams from SCRUMstudy®, the global leader in Scrum & agile certification.

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Joe Schofield

Enabling organizational capability

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Transformation coaching to accelerate excellence with agile, IT governance, metrics, and lean process improvement

Briefly speaking . . .

  • Authorized Training Partner with VMEdu and SCRUMstudy®. Certified Trainer for Scrum Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Scrum Developers, each including a certification exam.
  • Internationally sought speaker, author, and leader in software development processes with a focus on agile transformation.
  • Developer of the Transitioning to Agile and Essentials Skills for Scrum Success workshops attended by hundreds over the past four years.
  • Recognized as an expert in software measurement and quality, and the transformation of teams, organizations, and executive leadership.
  • Actively coaching agile teams (and their business partners) while advocating agile practices throughout the enterprise.



  • SCRUMstudy Certified Trainer (SCT) SCRUMstudy® (2016 - current)
  • Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC) SCRUMstudy® (2017 - current)
  • Scrum Master Certified (SMC) SCRUMstudy® (2013 - current)
  • Certified SAFe® 4.0 Agilist (SA) Scaled Agile (2016 - current)
  • Scrum Developer Certified (SDC) SCRUMstudy® (2016 - current)
  • SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC) SCRUMstudy® (2014 - current)

and more . . .

  • CMMI Institute-certified Instructor for the Introduction to the CMMI® (2007 - 2016)
  • Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt (LSS/BB) (Lockheed Martin) (2004 - 2012)
  • Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) (1988 - current)
  • Certified Function Point Counting Specialist (CFPS) (2001 - 2017)
  • Certified Software Measurement Specialist (CSMS) (2006 - current)

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