Aligning People and Culture for Agile Transformation |

Aligning People and Culture for Agile Transformation

Kind Words from Colleagues

I've known Joe for 10 years, and he has been instrumental in my own Agile Transformation. Joe has a comprehensive knowledge of all things Agile; but more importantly he understands the personal and organizational challenges that many face when implementing these principles. And he has shown again and again that taking the time to understand the pressures that come with transformational change is the most important component of making progress in this arena. Best Agile coach I've ever known.
Mike Harty, Vice President, Unum Group

Joe is by far the most entertaining and enlightening instructor I've ever had. He has the knack for relating his content to our everyday lives, which leaves me remembering key concepts years after I've had a discussion with him. He has taken his eloquence one step further with this new, page-turning book that will make Agile concepts hit home in a way that will ignite a new passion in your desire to create outstanding products.
Jeni Turgeon, Systems Research & Analysis, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff

Agile books are generally recitations of techniques or rants on values and principles. Joe delivers agile advice in a humanistic package that helps the reader really think about what agile means to them and then do something about it.
Tom Cagley, Agile Guide and President, Tom Cagley & Associates,

Your characters go a bit deeper in measuring while our teams (the ones I'm on) don't . . . I liked reading about some of the frustrations of your characters too, cuz those are so true as well in the industry . . . I think someone who's new to Agile can read this book and learn quite a bit . . . a good overview in a tight read. I think you did a fantastic job in capturing what Agile is about.
RT, Software Engineer

Easy to read and engaging story . . . I wish we could get leadership to engage with this type of novel . . a beneficial read for any product management professional.
Jennifer Nocco, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, Caesars Entertainment

Anyone involved with or interested in systems development will benefit from your book. I would like to really read the book when finished so I can be one of its first proud readers.
Mauricio Aguiar, President, TI Metricas,

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