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Recertification Options for Scrum Developers (SDC), Scrum Masters (SMC), & Product Owners (SPOC)

In March, 2020, SCRUMstudy announced a new recertification process for SCRUMstudy certified Scrum Developers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners. Effective immediately, recertification exams will replace recertification units (RCUs) to extend your existing certification for an additional three years.

Here are some of the details:

  • You may extend your certification up to six months prior to its expiration (your expiration is three years after the date on your certification provided when you passed your exam)
  • Your cost is 6 to 15 times less costly than taking the workshop anew
  • You will have access to an online refresher course for 90 days (completing this course is optional!) There are no other recertification materials
  • You will have access to an non-proctored online exam with two free re-takes if needed (not my clients!)
  • The exams below are about 1/2 as long with roughly 1/2 as many questions as the SDC, SMC, or SPOC exams respectively.
    • SDC - 50 minutes, 40 questions
    • SMC - 60 minutes, 50 questions
    • SPOC - 90 minutes, 70 questions
  • With successful exam completion, you will receive a 3-year certification from SCRUMstudy.

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